Shoot to Thrill by P.J. Tracy


If you haven’t met the Monkeewrench crew, you might want to start with the book that introduces them: Monkeewrench. If you have met them, you’re probably waiting for me to return my copy of Shoot to Thrill, the fifth book in the suspense series, to the library.
Monkeewrench is a group of computer hacker geniuses — some of them quirky to the point of pathology — who help the Minneapolis Police Department detectives bring down murderers. The Monkeewrench books by P.J. Tracy — a pen name for the mother-daughter team, Patricia and Traci Lambrecht — have action-packed plots, serial killers, and rapid-fire dialogue. If you’re in the mood for a thriller, try this series.
Here’s the order to read them in, although the Publishers Weekly review says you can jump in on the fifth one without any problem:
Monkeewrench (check OCLN for availability)
Live Bait  (check OCLN for availability)
Dead Run  (check OCLN for availability)
Snow Blind  (check OCLN for availability)
Shoot to Thrill  (check OCLN for availability)
By the way, whenever I want to look up the order of a series, I use the wonderful What’s Next™: Books in Series database maintained by the Kent District Library in Kent County, Michigan.

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