Bloggiesta, Olé! It’s Bloggiesta Time Again Fall 2012

Bloggiesta weekend starts today! I’m going to be in Maine for all of Saturday, and have to work today, but we’ll see what I can get done on Sunday. Here’s my to-do list, short but extremely time-consuming. All but the first item on the list are repeats from my first Bloggiesta in the spring (#fail):

  • Move to self-hosting on WordPress (Eek!)
  • Start some personal “Best of 2012” lists (still undone from my spring Bloggiesta list)
  • Catch up on reviews (maybe by doing mini-reviews) (ditto)
  • Create a page of book lists and readalikes (ditto)

Bloggiesta is a weekend to devote yourself to spiffing up your blog. I believe it’s mostly book bloggers, but not restricted to book bloggers. Does it sound like fun? Want to join in? Sign up at There’s a Book.

20 Responses

  1. I have catch up on reviews on my list, too. I am forever behind on them!

    Hope you get a lot done!
    ~Kristin @ Always With a Book

  2. I am always behind on reviews too. I switched to self hosted wordpress a couple weeks ago and it wasnt as hard as I thought it would be. It just took up a lot of time.

  3. I too need to have a review catchup

  4. It’s great to visit here! This is actually my first time, but I love the name of your blog….and I will be visiting again.


  5. […] Bloggiesta, Olé! It’s Bloggiesta Time Again Fall 2012 ( […]

  6. I need to catch up on reviews too. Good luck!

  7. Mini reviews are a good idea! Best of luck on moving to a self-hosted WP! Enjoy your weekend. 🙂

  8. Wow, good luck moving the blog! That’s something I’ve been considering, but I haven’t been brave enough to take the leap 🙂

  9. Moving to self hosting on WordPress, exciting and scary! Good luck with that 😀

    My bloggiesta.

  10. Sunday sounds like the ideal day to move to self-hosting! 🙂

    I think there are tutorials on the web that you can use. Go for it and have a great Bloggiesta!

  11. I moved to self-hosting during the last Bloggiesta. It’s a huge jump, but it has been worth it for me! Allows for alot more personalization and creativity. Good luck!

  12. I use it so I’m biased, but WordPress is a really good system. Well done for having moved it over, as I see I’m commenting in a WP box. Good luck with the rest 😀

  13. Great looking goals! Changing to self-hosted looks hard, that’s why I haven’t ventured into it myself yet. Good luck though!

  14. This was my first event so kept my list nice and short so I wouldn’t fail. You have some good simple goals there. Good luck with self hosting, one day I hope to go there but not any day soon 🙂

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