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On the Way to BEA! (Book Expo America)

Riding from Boston to NYC on a Fung Wah bus with no seatbelts is probably not the most healthful transportation option, especially when you figure in the half-hour of fumes I inhaled waiting at Gate 25 with all of buses idling longer than the posted legal time of 15 minutes and also the stress of worrying that someone might grab my suitcase out of the outside storage compartment after I boarded or before I can get off (since there’s no baggage check included in the $15 ticket price.) We seem to be on the honor system here. I guess that’s why I’m worried.
On the plus side, no one sat next to me and the sun is peeking out every now and then. Enough for vitamin D absorption, but not enough for a sunburn.)
Health considerations are on my mind because I should be writing a review of the audiobook Drop Dead Healthy written and read by A.J. Jacobs that I received from AufioGo, but I’m too excited about being on the way to BEA and the Book Bloggers Conference right now. I’m looking forward to meeting other book bloggers IRL and hearing about new books and authors. Am going to try hard not to be greedy about galleys because I already have a lot of books going unreviewed and that’s guilt-inducing enough.
I forgot to transfer the downloadable BEA Book Buzz ebook sampler to my Nook before leaving. I was going to dip into it on the bus ride. (The bus has wifi but no Internet connection. What good is that? Am I missing something? I kimd of hope not, because I’ve just laboriously retyped all of this into my phone because I couldn’t transfer it from the Notes app on my trusty iPod Touch.)
I’ll be heading home Tuesday night and back to work on Wednesday, so I’ll be at the Javits Center vicariously through Armchair BEA for the rest of the week.

2 Responses

  1. Darn! I almost stopped in to see you yesterday on my way to tutor! I hope you had a GRAND time in NYC/BEA!!! Maybe next year we can train together and go? but I’ve heard rumors that they may change venues.

    And I need to check the Wareham Gatemen schedule, too!

    Just realized I don’t have you in my blogroll but I will fix that right now. 🙂

    • Would love to go with a buddy next year! I combined trip with a visit to my daughter this year, but would love to go again and have company at BEA. It was terribly crowded but fun.
      Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. That’s a first for me and very exciting!

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