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Bloggiesta, Ole! — Update

My Bloggiesta to-do list isn’t looking as completed as a lot of the other book bloggers’ I’ve been visiting as part of this weekend-long blog fest. In fact, one of my crossed-off items I didn’t actually do, because I figured out it is part of the WordPress “theme” I am using, and there’s no way I’m changing that now. (It’s been fun to devote extra time to blogging, but guilt is starting to creep in.) I guess there’s always next year!

  • Start some personal “Best of 2012″ lists
  • Catch up on reviews (maybe by doing mini-reviews) – IN PROGRESS
  • Catch up and comment on blogs I follow through Google Reader – DONE
  • Create a page of book lists and readalikes
  • Learn how to put a darn home page link in my WordPress custom header and remove my RSS feed option that doesn’t work! – NOT DONE & NEVER GOING TO GET DONE

On the plus side, I did meet at least two of the goals of Bloggiesta: 1.) to connect with other participants through blog hopping or Twitter and 2.) to make new blogging friends.

Here are a few of the blogs I’ve spent some time on during Bloggiesta:
A Bibliotaphe’s Closet – I don’t know where Zara gets her energy, but she has been bloggiesta-ing 24/7 this weekend from what I can tell. Her posts are amusing and informative.
Book Journey – Sheila’s posts are personal and funny. She inspires me with her daily posts. (And I see she was brave enough to mess around with her blog’s theme this weekend.) We don’t always like the same books, but always enjoy her opinions.
Care’s Online Book Club – This Bloggiesta update wouldn’t be complete without un saludo a Care (@BkClubCare) who is always so welcoming and friendly. She is also the only book blogger I’ve met in real life.
Everyday I Write the Book – Gayle’s reading recommendations are always worth paying attention to, and she hasn’t steered me wrong yet!

A big thank you to Suey at It’s All About Books and Danielle at There’s a Book for hosting Bloggiesta!


8 Responses

  1. Ahhh thats for the nice comment! I too have met Care in real life, she was my roommate at BEA in 2010! How funny is that!

  2. LOL I have been up too long, I mean THANKS for the nice comment.

  3. One of the best parts of book blogging events is the time you get to spend socializing and commenting. So I’m glad to hear you were able to get some of that in even if you didn’t much else done (neither did I). Sometimes that’s all you need to get you excited and back into the swing of blogging. 🙂

    Hopefully you can continue to revisit the challenges on your own and still keep learning. Enjoy and thanks so much for participating in Bloggiesta! We’ll see you again in September!

  4. Hi there Laurie, that was very kind of you to link to other book bloggers. I would visit their site too, thanks to your lovely recommendation! I know what you mean about the html and css codes, it’s all greek to me too at this point, but I know that I’d have to get around to learning it too, perhaps during the next Bloggiesta? 🙂 Glad to chance upon your site.

  5. Un saludo a? COOL! 😀

    I was only stopping by to let you know that I’m offering a giveaway of AS Byatt’s Angels & Insects since you mentioned you might enjoy it.

    and then I see you mention me! I was also going to remark that I met Sheila and Gayle at BEA…

    If you win, I’ll deliver the book.

    • Yay for the giveaway! I will definitely enter. I need more books!
      I was FINALLY planning to go to BEA this year, and now I guess there’s talk of an unconference for book bloggers who are unhappy with the way the BEA bloggers’ conference, so I’ve been wondering whether to register or not.

  6. You got quite a bit done!!! After I do some hopping/commenting I plan on getting back to work on mine. Who cares that it’s officially over 😉 I still have some reviews!

  7. I feel like I am always trying to catch up on reviews. I was able to get 6 written this weekend, plus set up 3 others. I did get most of my list done, and have already started a list for next time that keeps growing as I make my way around to read everyone’s wrap up post.

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